Here you can find a summary of upcoming events that volunteers from UNYA Aalborg have organized for you this semester. The calendar will be updated regularly, so add this article to your bookmarks!

The organizers would appreciate that, in case you want to attend any of the events, you press ‘Going’ on them on Facebook. All of them are free and open to everyone.

We hope to see you soon!



What: Successes and challenges: Can International Development Cooperation Do the Job?

When: 15/3/2018 (Thursday), 17:00

Where: Huset i Hasserisgade, Aalborg

What to expect: During this event, you will get the chance to learn more about international development through the eyes of an expert, who has worked for the United Nations for more than 35 years.

Our speaker will be Mr. Finn Reske-Nielsen, former UN diplomat whose previous appointments include Timor-Leste, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, New York, Geneva, Namibia and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Amongst others, he has held positions such as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Governance Support, Development and Humanitarian Coordination in UNMIT. Mr. Reske-Nielsen will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.




What: Refugee stories

When: 8/3/2018 (Thursday), 17:00

Where: International House North Denmark, Aalborg

What to expect: In the recent years, ‘refugee’ became one of the most frequently used words. Refugees are all over the media, the political debates and also in our personal conversations. But how many of you have actually talked to a refugee?

During this event, you will get the chance to learn about the stories of refugees from Syria and Eritrea. You will get to hear about their personal experiences, including how their lives changed when they arrived and settled down in Denmark.

The event is free and open to all. However, due to the sensitivity of the topic, we would like to limit the number of participants. Therefore make sure to reserve a spot here. There are only 25 seats available, so be quick! In case the event is fully booked, you can still get a chance to attend. If someone with a reservation does not show up at the venue until 16:55, the unclaimed tickets will be given to the ones without a ticket on a first come, first served basis.




What: Student Talks: Enlightening Sustainability Projects

When: 27/2/2018 (Tuesday), 17:30

Where: International House North Denmark, Aalborg

What to expect: The United Nations Youth Association of Aalborg is happy to engage students in its Sustainable Development campaign.

In this event, students enrolled in sustainability courses at Aalborg University will present the projects they have prepared on Sustainable Development. You will get a chance to find out how students can contribute to the local, national and global initiatives to tackle climate change and environmental degradation, to benefit societies and economies.

Some of the presented projects gained the attention of and are now considered by the public and private institutions and some will serve as the base for further research. The students will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding sustainable development.




What: Coral Reefs and Denmark: Looking beyond the Island Paradise

When: 13/2/2018 (Tuesday), 17:30

Where: International House North Denmark, Aalborg

What to expect: During this event, you will find out about the importance of coral reefs, how are these extraordinary ecosystems affected by climate change and why it is necessary to protect our oceans.

We will start with a short presentation about this topic and why it is problem for people everywhere; not just in the exotic destinations where coral reefs grow. We will also look into the issue from a Danish perspective. As a low lying country, Denmark is also affected by the rising sea levels, and the health of the oceans on the other side of the world affects directly the citizens of Denmark too.

A screening of the documentary ‘Chasing Coral’ will follow, which was shortlisted to win an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2018.