They approach social, economic, and environmental challenges with a hands-on attitude. Even through staggering times haunted by crises and emergencies, volunteers react by testing and navigating the dire situations of the world to make a difference.

If everyone did, sustainable development would be limitless. 

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program’s impact extends to the 862.4 million volunteers aged 15 years and over globally. While 14.3% of the global population engages in informal volunteer work, 6.5% of working-age individuals worldwide actively participate in formal volunteering through organizations or associations. Notably, people undertake multiple types of volunteer work, showcasing the diverse ways individuals contribute to societal well-being.

This International Volunteer Day, a unique opportunity emerges for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, share their values, and promote their work across communities, NGOs, governments, and the private sector.

Volunteer Voices

Volunteerism provides a sanctuary for individuals to put their skills to the test. In UNYA, young volunteers combine skills and passion to address and approach climate change, gender equality, peace, justice, and security.

Hear their voices below.

“I chose to volunteer with UNYA to make a positive impact and surround myself with like-minded individuals. I believe in the power of youth to drive change, and UNYA’s mission aligns with my values. Contributing my time allows me to address social issues and work towards a more inclusive society, motivated by the belief that every small action can create a positive impact. In June 2023, I had the chance to co-host a panel discussion at Folkemøde with Rikke Mathiasen in the UN tent. Focused on the role of youth in climate action, we featured four inspiring youth panelists. This project was eye-opening, making me realize the profound impact one individual can have. Not only did we represent UNYA, but we also engaged with the public, exchanged valuable thoughts, and heightened awareness about the crucial role of youth in addressing climate challenges.”

Bertylle Duforest, Head of UNYA Copenhagen

“To me, UNYA is a unique place where you can explore topics you are passionate about while making a positive impact on the world. There are so many opportunities within the organization and room for learning and building new skills. Being surrounded by other like-minded and passionate people is a huge motivation – and a lot of fun!”

Sofie Nørby Madsen, Social Media Manager of UNYA Copenhagen

Everyone should be allowed to battle the world’s challenges with their skills. For the world – and it’s forthcoming generations.

If everyone volunteers, the world becomes a better place.