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About Us

What is UNYA DK?
The United Nations Youth Association of Denmark is a youth-led, non-profit organisation working to promote and raise awareness amongst youth about the United Nations as well as UN affiliated’s causes, values and issues. In order to fulfil this goal, UNYA DK promotes meaningful youth participation and volunteerism.


UNYA DK was founded in Copenhagen 2014. Since the fall of 2016, the association has also been present in Jutland with the launch of UNYA Aalborg. Read more here.


We Work To:

– Raise awareness of how youth can participate in the UN development process.
– To promote issues and values related to the UN and SDGs.
– Eliminate obstacles that prevent or impede youth engagement in the UN.
– Foment quality in the programs, services and activities of its member organisations.


A Different Model

At UNYA we have a different organisational philosophy. Though we have the traditional board – secretariat structure, we encourage ALL members to come up with projects that they are passionate about. Everyone is welcome to start their own ‘working group’, be it under a thematic area related to the Sustainable Development Goals like Equality (SDG 10), or under a specific skill set that members want to develop, for instance by creating a magazine or an event like a case competition. Our approach has received overwhelming enthusiasm from volunteers and has led to the creation of numerous successful projects, events and collaborations. Learn more about our activities here


Want to get involved?

Check out one of our events, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Can’t wait for either? Become a member today or contact us directly at info@unya.dk.

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