FN-Forbundet – The Danish United Nations Association

The Danish UNA is a cross-political association that takes a critical and constructive stance to questions relating to the UN. The objective of UNA Denmark is to encourage public interest in the UN and to increase the understanding of the interdependence of the nations and their joint responsibility for international development.

The Danish UNA cooperates locally, nationally, and globally with politicians, organizations, and the UNAs of other countries. Within the main issues, the Danish UNA is seeking to influence the political decision-making processes and to inform the Danish public about UN-related issues. UNA Denmark is a member of WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations). Like UNA Denmark on Facebook. Follow UNA Denmark on Twitter.

FN-Forbundets Skoletjeneste – The Danish United Nations Association’s School Service

The School Service is an initiative started with the purpose of spreading knowledge about the UN and making complex issues of the global world understandable to all. The School Service consists mainly of students and is currently based in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg. We offer different kinds of games, presentations, and role-playing activities to both primary and secondary schools in order to give students a better understanding of the international community, the UN, and international relations in general. 

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International House North Denmark

IHND is the ‘public one point entry’ for companies and international citizens in North Denmark. UNYA Aalborg offices are hosted in IHND offices. Some of UNYA Aalborg’s events are held in IHND’s offices as well. Like IHND on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Center for Grøn Omstilling Miljø- og Energiforvaltningen

The Center for Green Transformation is Aalborg Municipality’s platform for all sustainability projects collaborating with Aalborg’s citizens, industry, retail and educational institutions. Find out more about their projects and activities here.

Sundheds- og Kulturforvaltningen

The Health and Culture Administration alongside Aalborg’s citizens, create opportunities for life. This administration is made up of the Aalborg Libraries, City Archives, Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg Health Center, Health Strategic Team, and many many more. Find out more here.


iLoveGlobalGoals works to increase awareness of the world’s goals. One of their most important goals is to make individual Danes see the world goals as a tool for how to act sustainably in their everyday life; at home, in their community, at work, at school, when shopping, traveling, and all aspects of life. Find out more about their projects and events here. Like their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Studentersamfundet (AAU)

Studentersamfundet is the largest student society at Aalborg University making this university the best possible place to study through student politics, academic and social activities and events. Find out more here, and follow Studentersamfundet on Facebook.

SDG Student Ambassadors

SDG Student Ambassadors want every student in Denmark to know and apply the SDGs during and after the students’ academic career. They seek to create an active interdisciplinary community empowering students to become the next generation of change-makers. UNYA Denmark and SDG Student Ambassadors of Denmark aim to amplify each other’s work, actions; and collaborate on future events. Find out more here. Follow SDG Student Ambassadors of Denmark on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Planetary Health Alliance

Planetary Health is an alliance focused on characterizing the human health impacts of human-caused disruptions of Earth’s natural systems. UNYA Denmark aims to amplify the work of PHA on planetary health, climate change and its influence on human health. UNYA Denmark is 1 out of 4 focal points for the alliance in Europe. Find out more here. Follow PHA on Youtube and Spotify.

ReGeneration 2030

ReGeneration 2030 gathers youth from the Nordic and Baltic regions to form a strong movement that shows the necessity and the benefits of sustainability. UNYA Denmark is a strategic partner to the ReGeneration 2030 – helping to create, shape Nordic and Baltic regions and educate about the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Find out more here. Follow ReGeneration 2030 on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Oikos Copenhagen

oikos Copenhagen is an organization driven by international students in Copenhagen, that promotes sustainable economics and management education. They currently have 6 projects: Green Week, Curricular Transformation, Social Pioneers, Oikos Impacts, Oikos Career, and Oikos Case Competition. UNYA Denmark and Oikos Copenhagen hope to collaborate on a series of future events. Find out more about Oikos Copenhagen’s projects here. Follow Oikos Copenhagen on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Global River Center

Global River Center aims at enhancing the quality of life for citizens in non-urban sub-Saharan Africa by building 200 River Centers particularly for the 200 million marginalized young Africans. UNYA Denmark and Global River Center hope to collaborate on a series of future events. Find out more about Global River Center here. Follow Global River Center on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Stories to Action

Stories to Action aims to amplify youth voices, collect and share data on youth needs, share resources, influence decision-makers, build sustainable and impactful partnerships to bring change. UNYA Denmark and Stories to Action hope to collaborate on a series of future events. Find out more about Stories to Action here. Follow Stories to Action on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

PNND – Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

PNND is a non-partisan forum for parliamentarians nationally and internationally to share resources and information, develop cooperative strategies and engage in nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament issues, initiatives and arenas. UNYA Denmark and PNND hope to collaborate on a series of future events with UNYA’s Peace and Justice Working Groups in Aalborg and Copenhagen. Find out more about PNND here. Follow PNND on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Real Relief

Real Relief designs, manufactures and supplies a large variety of effective, durable, life-saving relief items, whilst focusing on self-sustainability, empowerment and environmental friendliness. UNYA Denmark and Real Relief aims to collaborate on a series of future events with UNYA’s Gender Equality Working Groups in Aalborg and Copenhagen. Find out more about Real Relief’s goals and projects here. Follow Real Relief on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab is DTU’s Technical University of Denmark lab for innovation and entrepreneurship. DTU wants to provide UNYA Copenhagen with rooms for events in the future. See more about DTU here.

People of 2050

People of 2050 is an organization building capacity and providing training with the purposes of inspiring, empowering and raising the overall climate change awareness. UNYA Denmark aims to arrange climate mitigation workshops with PO2050. Find out more about the People of 2050 here. Follow People of 2050 on LinkedIn and Facebook.